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  • 20.01.2017 16.02.2017 KRUTITSKIY VAL STREET, 3, build. 2, 1st floor, apt. I, rooms 11, 12, with 14 on 20

    KRUTITSKIY VAL STREET, 3, build. 2, 1st floor, apt. I, rooms 11, 12, with 14 on 20 Southeast АО, м. Proletarskaya

    11 850
    1 м2 per year, VAT excluded

  • 20.01.2017 16.02.2017 RUBLEVSKOE SHOSSE, 36, build. 2, apt. 227

    RUBLEVSKOE SHOSSE, 36, build. 2, apt. 227 Western АО, м. Molodyozhnaya

    78 885
    per month, VAT excluded

  • 20.01.2017 16.02.2017 LENINSKIY PROSPEKT, 148, apt. 173

    LENINSKIY PROSPEKT, 148, apt. 173 Western АО, м. Yugo-Zapadnaya

    60 140
    per month, VAT excluded

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      • Direct property rent

        Selection of the leased premises without middlemen and commissions. Ability to quickly find space on the site that provides a detailed description of all properties.

      • Great selection of property

        GlavUpDK in economic management is more than a million square meters of real estate, including about 7,000 apartments Business and Economy Class.

      • Comfortable location of property

        All properties GlavUpDK features a privileged location in the central district of the capital, as well as environmentally friendly western and south-western districts of Moscow.

      • Availability of office and apartments

        We provide comprehensive solutions for placement offices and staff accommodation organization of Russian and foreign companies. Most of the buildings have a protected territory and developed infrastructure.

      • Legal status of property

        All properties are federal property that ensures the reliability of transactions and the ability to enter into direct long-term leases.

      • Reliable partnership

        GlavUpDK guarantees legal security of all lease transactions. We use only the legal payment mechanisms and provide a high level of protection of tenants during the lease.

      • Long-term rent

        Leases can be imprisoned for up to 3 years in living areas and up to 5 years - for office. State registration of lease agreements and all other agreements made ​​by them and by GlavUpDK.

      • Professional utility service

        Exploitation of residential and office fund experienced professionals engaged in professional public services - our long-term partners.