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Rent an apartment in Moscow

How to Find and Choose Luxury Apartment in Moscow

We often hear the phrase "luxury housing", but what distinguishes premium apartments from economy and business class apartments? Learn how to recognize and rent long-term luxury apartments in Moscow.

What is Premium Housing

Premium housing is a separate niche with its quality standards. Requirements are put forward for everything, from security to architectural solutions:

  • Convenient localization. Elite real estate is being built in the historical center, business center, or ecologically clean area. In Moscow, housing in the Central Administrative District, within the Garden Ring ("B" Ring), is most valued.

  • Internal infrastructure. Fitness clubs, restaurants, hardware stores, kindergartens - everything should be within walking distance. Ideally, on the territory of the complex itself. Elite complexes in cities with a lower cost of land are even equipped with areas for prams and grills.

  • Technical solutions. A climatic system, hydrophobic coated windows, contactless plumbing, hidden communications with quick access, and other solutions that quietly improve the quality of your life. 

While renting apartments in Moscow, the attractiveness of the house itself is also important. Typical apartment buildings, in the segment of luxury housing, are rarely found. The increased population density nullifies the very principle of elitism.

Investments in a stylish design, expensive furniture, high-quality finishing materials do not affect the price as much as factors of exclusivity - unique location, the exclusive design of the building, eminent neighbors. That is why so many apartments for rent in Moscow are mimicking an elite apartment with cosmetic changes.

What the Difference Between Elite Apartments and Flats

Apartments are commercial real estate, while flats are residential. The owner has the rights to the apartment, can live in it, but can not register on permanent terms. In general, the rental of luxury apartments in Moscow practically does not differ in cost from the rental of elite housing.

Different Types of Apartments

Accommodation in ordinary apartments is no different from living in an apartment. However, there are apartments with an additional service that is similar to the hotel service. It is called apart-hotels. Apart-hotels are not intended for long-term rent. They are a direct alternative to a regular hotel, but for people who like privacy and plenty of space.

Renting apartments in a condo hotel may also include hotel service. The only difference between a condo hotel and an aparthotel is that you can buy its area for personal use. For example, to live in them for a couple of months for free, and the rest of the time - to personally lend in apartments for rent in Moscow.

TOP 3 Most Prestigious Areas in Moscow

The most expensive area will not necessarily be the most comfortable for living. Choose what is closer to your lifestyle:

Central Administrative Okrug, or Tsentralny Administrative Okrug  It ranks first place in prestige among all possible ratings. Renting a one-room apartment in the Central Administrative Okrug reaches 320,000 rubles per month with an area of ​​50 m² and an excessively high population density. The central district is not suitable for quiet family life but differs in unlimited possibilities of cultural leisure.
Western Administrative Okrug, or Zapadny Administrative Okrug The Ramenki region is the most valued of all in the Western Administrative Okrug. 25% of its area is occupied by green areas, which is atypical for the capital. This has a positive effect on the environment. In Ramenki there are Vorobyovy Gory, the Mosfilm studio, Moscow State University, and Russian Foreign Trade Academy. The whole student elite is here - the area is great for young people.
South-Western Administrative Okrug, or Yugo-Zapadny Administrative Okrug The scientific center of Moscow and the most healthy district in terms of ecology. The main green attraction is Vorontsov Park with a size of 38 hectares. There are 160 research institutes including RAS. The housing stock is diverse enough to find a solution to any budget.

How to Rent Luxury Real Estate Without Overpayments

The higher the price of elite real estate, the more valuable it looks in the eyes of customers. Landlords know this and increase the price tag if they work with premium apartments.

Using the GlavUpDK service, you protect yourself from overpayments.

Here, real estate is rented at an honest price in an auction format. If you are the only applicant, the lease is concluded at a minimum rate. Find out more in the section “Rental Procedure”.

Luxury Apartments in the GlavUpDK Catalog

The base of GlavUpDK is about 7,000 apartments - more than a million square meters of real estate. Here you can rent premium class apartments in Moscow for a long time transparently and without intermediaries. Our advantages:

  • Only a convenient location. Most of the property offered for rent is located in the central district or ecologically clean zones of Western Administrative Okrug and South-Western Administrative Okrug.

  • Federal property. This is a guarantee of the transparent legal status of the apartments and your safety as a tenant.

  • Registration in rented apartments. We help with registration for foreign citizens.

  • Long-term rental of luxury apartments in Moscow. GlavUpDK draws up contracts for up to three years.

Look for suitable apartments with the help of a convenient filter system on our site or ask our manager to personally select premium class apartments. The service is free - call +7 (495) 770-35-35.

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