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Multi-functional residential complexes Dobrynya and Five Ponds have got their own underground car parks. For rental agreements for a parking slot please call the Property Management Department on +7(495)770-32-07 or +7(495)637-49-57.

To inquire about renting a parking slot at the underground car park of the residential complex Park Place Moscow please call the management company on +7(495)956-50-50 or the residential complex on +7(495)935-79-00.

Rental agreement for a parking slot is signed for up to 1 year. An approximate price is RUR5900-11000 per month without VAT.


Companies may enter into long-term agreements for parking slot rental for office transport at the specialist multilevel shriveled car park that belongs to SpetsAutoCenter, located at: 8, Kievskaya St. A minimum number of parking slots per contract is 5. Parking slots space varies from 11 to 22 sq. m. A minimal price per parking slot is RUR6250 per month without VAT. Within the car park the following are located: a vehicle maintenance station, a 24-hour automatic car washing, an MOT stand, an insurance company office. A petrol station is located next to the car park.

To inquire about rentals, please call +7(495)637-49-57


Most buildings managed by the GlavUpDK have got overground car parks at the adjacent territory. All enquiries about renting a parking slot there should be referred to the management company of the complex in question.

Help with moving in

Our many years of experience help us to best plan, organize and undertake a swift move into an office or an apartment. The move can take between one and three days, including weekends. A complete move offer includes the following services:

•    Preliminary estimation of the scope and costs of a move;
•    Agreement of a move plan with the client;
•    Bringing in professional porters;
•    Packaging using reliable materials;
•    Loading, transportation, offloading;
•    Unpacking, furniture assembly and arrangement, cleaning.

For further information or to submit a request, please call: +7 (495) 637-11-42, +7 (495) 770-32-10

Help with registration

The GlavUpDK undertakes the registration of Russian citizens and facilitates the registration of foreign nationals in their rented accommodation, on the basis of allocation of 15 sq. m per person. Businesses can also use the address of the rented office as their official business address. A state registration of rental agreements and all additional documents is undertaken by and at the expense of the GlavUpDK.
For further information or to submit a request please call +7(495) 695-03-70.

Contact details of GlavUpDK employees supervising registration issues in rented apartments

Cleaning services

The GlavUpDK suggests the tenants to benefit from a wide range of services of an experiences cleaning company. All services are provided quickly and at a high standard, using modern equipment and high-quality cleaning products:

•    Complete property cleaning;
•    Property cleaning following the repairs, refurbishing etc.;
•    Cleaning of windows, glass surfaces, partitions, chandeliers and bra lamps;
•    Dry cleaning of carpets, soft furniture, curtains and blinds;
•    Cleaning of hard floor surfaces, adding a protective coating;
•    Removing snow off the roof;
•    Garbage and snow removal;
•    Pest and insects extermination etc.

For further information or to submit a request, please call: +7 (495) 637-11-42, +7 (495) 770-32-10

Where to contact on fire safety issue

Methodological assistance at management of fire safety of the renters is provided by contracting operators. Monitoring of fire safety of the real estate objects of GlavUpDK.

Concerning the issues of fire safety of rented buildings and premises, You shall contact the Maintenance Department of GlavUpDK under MFA of Russia by the phone:

E-mail:, E-mail:

Emergency maintenance service

At the objects of GlavUpDK it is provided 24/7 services of qualified specialists of Emergency-maintenance service for resolving of any emergency situations.

24 hours:

+7(499)143-6598 (факс)

The head: Mikhail Petrovich IVANOV

Maintenance of the objects (premises)

You can obtain upon charges the operation of the rented premises of GlavUpDK.

The services include:

  • Sanitary services (garbage removal, snow cleaning, territory cleaning, disinfection, lamp change)
  • Communal services (heating, electricity, gas) and telecom services
  • Technical maintenance services for: elevators, electrical networks, heating and sewage systems, security and fire alarms, electrical and gas equipment, ventilation and air conditioning systems and other engineering objects.
  • Refurbishing and overseeing of refurbishing works
  • Obtaining permissions for work
  • Refurbishing works that change the exterior of buildings and facilities, implementation or liquidation of (...) or niches takes into account the time required to agree these changes with the city institutions.

Conditions for the provision of services

All services such as heating, hot and cold water, electricity and TV diagnostics are included in the rent.

Services such as electricity, gas, phone and fax, radio, and commercial TV are subject to a separate contract with the respective providers.

Heating and hot water

Responsible: the lead specialist of the Planning and Contract Department of the PMD (UTE)
Bogolyubova Nina Konstantinova
tel. +7 (495) 637-12-43


Responsible: the lead specialist of the Planning and Contract Department of the PMD (UTE)
Kirillova Tatiana Valentinova
tel. +7 (495) 695-21-68


Responsible: the head of the Communal Services Contracts sub-department of the Planning and Contract Department of the PMD (UTE)
Vasilieva Yulia Nikolaevna
tel. +7 (495) 695-28-70


Responsible: the economist of the Planning and Contract Department of the PMD (UTE)
Kucherova Elena Olegovna
tel. +7 (495) 637-11-45

Garbage removal

Responsible: the economist of the Planning and Contract Department of the PMD (UTE)
Kucherova Elena Olegovna
тел. +7 (495) 637-11-45

Technical condition

If your property has recently been refurbished and this caused an increase in the rental cost, you may, at no extra cost during the first year, repair any defects that decrease technical and/or aesthetic qualities of your property.

If your property has not been renovated recently, then you can:
•    Undertake a refurbishment of specific elements or of an entire property with the help of the GlavUpDK;
•    Undertake a refurbishment with the help of a specialist company of your choice. To agree these with the GlavUpDk, you should send a request to the head of Property Management Department (PMD) stating a contractor’s name, a list of planned works and a list of people who require access to the site, with their passport and registration data.

Paid services:

  • Connecting satellite TV via an operator
  • Internet, additional phone numbers

Additional services:

  • Installation of additional equipment: air conditioners (subject to additional capabilities), video surveillance and alarm systems

Accounts receivable

All questions regarding the accounts receivable for communal services please refer to:

  • Tchistova Galina Vsevolodna
    the lead economist
    +7 (495) 637-11-45
  • Kitaeva Svetlana Vasilievna
    the lead specialist
    +7 (495) 695-28-70

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