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Questions and answers

Who owns the property?
All commercial and residential properties managed by GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia are owned by the Federal Government and have been entrusted to the Company’s operational management to ensure transaction protection and direct long-term rental agreements.
Where can I view all addresses of the GlavUpDK buildings?
The list of addresses is available on the GlavUpDK website.
Can I let my own property via the GlavUpDK?
Presently you cannot.

Can the GlavUpDK offer properties for rent in other cities (e.g. Saint-Petersburg)?
No, all properties available for rent are located only in Moscow and Moscow region.

Do I need to pay a commission to the GlavUpDK?
No, when renting a property from the GlavUpDK you do not pay a commission.

Can I buy a property in the GlavUpDK building?

No, all properties owned and managed by the GlavUpDK, are only available for rent.

How do I pay the rent?
Rent is charged after a rented apartment transfer certificate is executed and calculated depending on the yearly rent amount. Rent is paid either quarterly in the first month of the current quarter, or monthly before the tenth (10th) day of the current month, depending on the provisions contained in your agreement.
How do I know the rental price?

You can look up the rent amount in the rented property information block and in the digital auction message.

Are rented properties furnished or unfurnished?

Apartments are usually rented unfurnished, although some may have fitted kitchens, and some are fully furnished. If you choose an unfurnished apartment, we will help you furnish it according to your preferences. In such case the rental price will be increased according to the actual cost of furnishing incurred by the GlavUpDK.

What is the minimal period for rent?

GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia only rents its properties long-term. The minimum rent period is 11 months.

Does GlavUpDK only deal with foreign companies?

GlavUpDK enters into agreements with both Russian and foreign companies.

How can I find out about properties available for rent in the GavUpDK's buildings?

To inquire about properties available for rent in the GlavUpDK’s buildings, you may browse a respective section of the website or by clicking a building's icon on an interactive map. You may also make a list of availble properties by setting search parameters according to your preferences.

If you were unable to find a vacant facility that would be acceptable to you, you can send us a request through the Help with finding a facility section, via e-mail or by courier to GlavUpDK headquarters (20 Prechistenka St., Moscow).