Guide: How to Rent an Apartment for a Foreigner in Moscow?

A large number of foreign citizens come to Moscow for employment. We help foreigners solve an acute housing problem - renting an apartment in Moscow. Read to learn more about the best areas, selection criteria, and registration procedure.

How to Choose and Rent an Apartment by Yourself?

In the US, the school of realtors is the oldest in the world. Each of them has a license and may lose it for the hiding of housing shortcomings. In Russia, this sphere is only embarking on a path of tight regulation. You won’t lose anything if you find your accommodation in a reliable source directory. For 98 years we have been renting residential premises in Moscow. Take a couple of tips from GlavUpDK:

  • The location must be convenient. Moscow is a city with an area of ​​2,551 km². You will have to wake up 2 hours earlier if the place of work or study is on its other end. And this is without traffic jams. If you did not find an apartment with a perfect location, choose to house with good transport links. For example, in the vicinity of metro stations.

  • Khrushchev buildings and comfort are poorly compatible. The Khrushchev buildings are typical buildings that were massively built in Moscow for the proletariat. At that time, they needed more buildings in a short time and as cheaper as possible. The demolition process has already begun, but the Khrushchev buildings are still being leased. Be careful not to face an uncomfortable layout or poor sound insulation.

  • Ask for registration. According to the law No. 163-FZ, all foreign citizens who rent housing in Moscow are required to register their place of residence. The violator will pay a fine of 5 to 7 thousand rubles and may be deported from the country.

Remember about the scammers. Always ask for a document proving ownership of the apartment. If the landlord declares that the property belongs to a relative, ask for a power of attorney certified by a notary.

What Documents Do a Foreign Citizens Need to Rent a House

Rental housing in Moscow is available to any foreigner with a residence permit or a temporary residence permit. However, you must personally go through the registration procedure and provide a contract of employment, a passport, a completed application, and a receipt for payment of state duty.

Note! You do not have to perform all of the above if you rent a house in GlavUpDK. Our staff will provide comprehensive assistance with registration.

The Best Moscow Areas to Live

In the choice of the district, there is no clear good or bad option. All of them are suitable for different budgets and lifestyles. Read the short description and choose what is closer to you:

Central Administrative Okrug, or Tsentralny Administrative Okrug High prices are offset by the prestige and fullness of cultural life. Entertainment facilities operate around the clock, but playgrounds are in short supply. Not suitable for people who value peace.
Northern Administrative Okrug, or Severny Administrative Okrug The district is full of sights, and gaps in transport accessibility are compensated by the housing stock. Old houses are actively demolished, giving way to modern buildings with all amenities.
Western Administrative Okrug, or Zapadny Administrative Okrug It will be easy to find a job here.  District enterprises produce up to 7% of the city’s products and provide 420 thousand jobs. High prices are justified by good environmental conditions. Here are 50% of all flower gardens in Moscow.
North-Western Administrative Okrug, or Severo-Zapadny Administrative Okrug The area is included in the ranking of the best areas for life due to its perspectives. It is close to the center but has relatively low real estate prices. Transport accessibility is preventing the North-Western Administrative Okrug from higher ranking, but subway stations are already under construction.
South-Western Administrative Okrug, or Yugo-Zapadny Administrative Okrug Takes third place in the ranking of prestigious areas of Moscow. The Russian Academy of Sciences and 160 research institutes are located here. Everything is in order with ecology - more than 30 km² of the district is occupied by green areas.
Southern Administrative Okrug, or Yuzhny Administrative Okrug The district is suitable for long-term rental housing in Moscow. All sleeping areas for a quiet life here. The Donskoy is considered the most prestigious area - it is located near the Garden Ring and retains its historical appearance to this day.

How to Rent an Apartment in Moscow

GlavUpDK offers to rent an apartment in Moscow in an auction format. You inspect the property, submit an application, and, if there are more applicants, raise the rate to an acceptable cost.

With the help of our format, you can contract for a long-term lease with at a cost lower than the market price - you get a chance to save without fear of going beyond the planned budget. You can learn more about the auction format in the section “Rental Procedure”.

Rent an Apartment in the Best District with GlavUpDK

Housing Fund GlavUpDK - this is more than 1 million of commercial and residential space, which is in federal ownership. Here you legally rent an apartment in Moscow with a transparent contract and a guarantee of quality. Our advantages:

  • Selective approach. There are no apartments in the catalog from unfavorable areas with a poor environmental or criminal situation.

  • Reliability with a guarantee. For 98 years we have been helping guests of the capital to get the real estate market with the assistance of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

  • Rent a flat in Moscow for an appropriate price. The price is formed by auction. If you are the only applicant for a rental, the cost will be insignificant.

  • We also love animals. In apartments of the housing stock of GlavUpDK, you can move in with a cat, dog, or other pet. Ask the manager about the offer.

Choose from 7,000 objects in our catalog, get free help with registration and rent apartments in the best areas of Moscow without intermediaries. Using GlavUpDK, you protect yourself from fraud and overpayments.

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