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How to rent a one-room apartment in Moscow for foreigners: the registration and affordable solutions

Renting a one-room apartment costs Moscow guests an average of 3 times more affordable. This is good for international students and, for example, employees of companies on short-term business trips. To provide comfortable conditions for life, you need to pay attention to the layout, the total area of space, and sound insulation. Learn how to choose and profitably rent a one-room apartment for a long term in Moscow from GlavUpDK.

How to Choose a Comfortable Place to Live?

The modern one-room apartment is designed to make your life as comfortable as possible:

  • Apartment layout. A good layout of the apartment directly affects a positive mood and reduces domestic tension.

  • Modern household appliances. For students and employees with busy schedules, maintaining cleanliness becomes a problem. A dishwasher, a washing machine with a dryer and an oven with a self-cleaning function can solve it.

  • Good soundproofing. This is not only a matter of privacy but also productivity. With poor soundproofing, the quality of your sleep will depend on the schedule of your neighbors.

  • Acceptable rules of usage of the apartment. Living in a rented apartment is associated with various restrictions. They relate to silence, pets, visitors, etc.

Documents You Need to Rent An Apartment in Moscow

Every foreign citizen is required to register at the place of stay. First of all, you need a lease for a one-room apartment in Moscow.

State registration of the lease agreement and all additional agreements, as well as the registration of Russian and foreign citizens in apartments rented from GlavUpDK, are carried out by GlavUpDK.

Note! Foreigners who rent housing with GlavUpDK receive free assistance in registration.

Where to Rent an Apartment: The Best Areas for Foreign Employees and Students

Moscow is divided into 12 districts. Each county is unique. Some are good for industrial workers, others are good for students, and others are good for researchers. GlavUpDK has a housing stock located in the best areas of the capital. Choose a suitable location when renting a one-room apartment for the long term in Moscow:

Central Administrative Okrug, or Tsentralny Administrative Okrug

The Central District is not suitable if you are looking for a budget solution or a quiet life. On the other hand, here are the most attractive apartments and the center of the capital's cultural life.

Besides, the Central Administrative District has as many as 30 universities, including the Higher School of Economics, BMSTU, and Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

Northern Administrative Okrug, or Severny Administrative Okrug

The Northern District is a good solution if you come to Moscow in search of work. It takes second place in terms of the volume of manufactured products; about 500 thousand people are employed in it and related areas.

A bonus is very cheap housing in areas with poor traffic.

Unfortunately, production volumes are affecting the environment.

North-Western Administrative Okrug, or Severo-Zapadny Administrative Okrug The District is suitable if you study or work in the Central Administrative District, but do not want to overpay for location. This district is closest to the city center.

The environmental situation is better due to Serebryany Bor, a forest park with an area of ​​more than 300 hectares, but the proximity to the center still has an influence.

Western Administrative Okrug, or Zapadny Administrative Okrug

The territory of the Western administrative district has been considered prestigious for 70 years since members of the party elite began to settle in this district. 

Nowadays, environmentalists recognize this district as one of the most prosperous in the capital. The rental prices are higher, as prices in stores. If you are looking for cheaper options, other districts will be more suitable.

South-Western Administrative Okrug, or Yugo-Zapadny Administrative Okrug

Lack of industrial production and availability of green areas that improve air quality in the district make the South-Western administrative District the most favorable region.

The location is suitable for researchers. The Russian Academy of Sciences and most of the research institutes are located here.

Southern Administrative Okrug, or Yuzhny Administrative Okrug

Zone with quiet sleeping areas close to industrial enterprises. Easy to find a job.

The disadvantage is that the Southern Administrative District is densely populated. If you are not comfortable with a high population density, take a look at the Don region. It is calmer and has an emphasized architectural value.

How to Rent a Good Apartment Cheaper than Market Value

On the GlavUpDK website, you participate in an auction for a long-term apartment rental in Moscow from our housing stock. Choose a house from the catalog, make an appointment for a view, and leave a bid for the auction. Offer the amount within your budget.

Note! If you are the only applicant, the rental price will be minimal. You get a chance to save without risks.

The auction is built on the principles of transparency. GlavUpDK under The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation leases residential premises belonging to federal property, which are in its economic jurisdiction. Find out more in the section “Rental Procedure”.

GlavUpDK: Rental Apartments in Moscow at Affordable Prices

For 98 years, we have been helping foreigners quickly, safely, and profitably resolve issues of living in the capital. Sign up for an apartment inspection to see for yourself the benefits of our service:

  • more than 7,000 properties;

  • economy and business class apartments at an auction price directly from the owner;

  • free assistance in registration of foreign citizens;

  • transparent contract with a guarantee of protection of your rights.

Select a property from the catalog yourself or ask the manager for help. We will answer any questions about real estate, service, guarantees, and rental conditions by phone +7 (495) 770-35-35.

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